The Same Love by Paul Baloche

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Jailed Iranian Pastor Writes Letter To Thank His Supporters


07 May 2012

Below is Nadarkhani’s letter to Present Truth Ministries:

Greetings from your servant and younger brother in Christ, Youcef Nadarkhani.

To: All those who are concerned and worried about my current situation.

First, I would like to inform all of my beloved brothers and sisters that I am in perfect health in the flesh and spirit. And I try to have a little different approach from others to these days, and consider it as the day of exam and trial of my faith. And during these days which are hard in order to prove your loyalty and sincerity to God, I am trying to do the best in my power to stay right with what I have learned from God’s commandments.

I need to remind my beloveds, though my trial due has been so long, and as in the flesh I wish these days to end, yet I have surrendered myself to God’s will.

I am neither a political person nor do I know about political complicity, but I know that while there are many things in common between different cultures, there are also differences between these cultures around the world which can result in criticism, which most of the times response to this criticisms will be harsh and as a result will lengthen our problems.

From time to time I am informed about the news which is spreading in the media about my current situation, for instance being supported by various churches and famous politicians who have asked for my release, or campaigns and human rights activities which are going on against the charges which are applied to me. I do believe that these kind of activities can be very helpful in order to reach freedom, and respecting human rights in a right way can bring forth positive results.

I want to appreciate all those are trying to reach this goal. But at the other hand, I’d like to announce my disagreement with the insulting activities which cause stress and trouble, which unfortunately are done with the justification (excuse) of defending human rights and freedom, for the results are so clear and obvious for me.

I try to be humble and obedient to those who are in power, obedience to those in authority which God has granted to the officials of my country, and pray for them to rule the country according to the will of God and be successful in doing this. For I know in this way I have obeyed God’s word. I try to obey along with those whom I see in a common situation with me. They never had any complaint, but just let the power of God be manifested in their lives, and though sometimes we read that they have used this right to defend themselves, for they had this right, I am not an exception as well and have used all possibilities and so forth and am waiting for the final result.

So I ask all the beloved ones to pray for me as the holy word has said. At the end I hope my freedom will be prepared as soon as possible, as the authorities of my country will do with free will according to their law and commandments which are answerable to.

May God’s Grace and Mercy be upon you now and forever. Amen.

Youcef Nadarkhani


Here is the link to the news story from Fox News.

The Persecuted Church

The map above is from 2008-09, but here is the updated list with an interactive map of areas where our Christian brothers and sisters continue to be persecuted and put to death for their faith in Christ. There is additional details on the updates to the list in the second video below. Pray hard for all all the believers in these countries.


16th Annual Calvary Chapel Inland Empire Men’s Conference

Men, mark your calendars for the 16th Annual Inland Empire Men’s Conference held on Saturday, June 2nd at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley! The day starts off with a free continental breakfast at 7:00am followed by worship and teachings starting at 8:00am. Also, we are offering a BBQ lunch for $9. Lunch includes (3) Carne Asada tacos, rice, beans, homemade salsa, cookie and a drink.

Meal tickets can be bought at the CCCV Gazebo, the front office, and online by clicking here.

Voter Guide: California Primary Election 2012 (Link to Nov. Election Voter Guide)

To see the voter guide for the Nov. Presidential Election, click here.

For all my fellow Californians who are preparing to vote on June 5th, I want to express the importance of being informed on all the candidates and state and county measures that will appear on the ballot. As Christians, we have a duty to vote and it’s a shame that so few of us actually do.

When Christians don’t vote, we leave the decision in choosing our future leaders in the hands of non-believers who will continue to elect individuals who will keep this nation on the disastrous road the current administration has us on.

The following post is going to share how I will be voting in the upcoming election. Consider the choices, but still do your own research and make your final decisions based on that.

Mitt Romney: I’ve read on several Christian websites and blogs how no Christian should even consider voting for Romney based on the fact that he is Mormon. And while Romney wasn’t my first choice, or even my second choice, I am backing him 110 percent.

Another four years of Obama, and the America we have come to know will be unidentifiable. Our debt will continue to grow, job rates would continue to flounder, our economic situation would likely

It seems the expression is used every four years, but this is truly “The most important election of our lifetime.” I will admit that Romney being Mormon does bother me, but four more years under Obama will destroy this nation. From the stimulus, to TARP, to Obamacare, to his takeover of General Motors, to the ending of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, to his appointment of Elena Kagan, who had not sat on any bench in any court anywhere, to the Supreme Court, to his horrible foreign policy in the middle east (Israel/Iran conflict), and his most recent supporting of gay marriage, Obama is by far the most radical president this country has ever seen.

America as we know it will be unidentifiable with four more years of Obama. Romney may not be the ideal choice, but he’s the only choice America has to save itself.

US Senate
Elizabeth Emken: The new rules in primary elections in California when voting for Senate is really unfair. Every candidate from each party appears on the ballot and the top two will advance to the Nov. 6 election. This is in contrast to the closed party system where each party elected its representative for the election. In other words, there could be no Republican to choose from come Nov. 6. This is the first time in California that these rules will be implemented.

Nevertheless, Elisabeth Emken is sitting in second place behind the long time Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein, who will be 79-years-old on election day.

Emken is a conservative Christian who is for small government, is pro life and pro traditional marriage.

Click on her name above to find out her stances on all the issues and a little bit on her background.

State Measures
Vote no on 28:

Vote no on 29: