Christian Post: Chuck Smith Jr Not Supporting Sister’s Lawsuit Against Calvary Chapel Involving ‘Papa Chuck’


Credit: The Christian Post
Chuck Smith, Jr., has responded in strong opposition to a lawsuit shortly after it was filed by his sister and apparently supported by his brother on Friday, that alleges elder abuse against the late Pastor Chuck Smith and wrongful takeover of his property by the church board at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, and includes current pastor Brian Brodersen.

“For the record, I want it to be known that I do not support the lawsuit my sister Janette and brother Jeff have filed against Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa,” Smith wrote in a letter that was distributed at the church on Sunday.

“In my opinion it is groundless, deplorable, dishonoring to our father (and to his work, not to mention the people to whom he dedicated his life). It is another sad stain on the representation of Christianity. The only motivation I can see for the suit is malice and greed. Any pretense to honor my father’s name or provide adequate care and support for my mother is nonsense.”

Neither CCCM nor Brodersen have made an official statement about the lawsuit and CCCM declined to comment to The Christian Post at press time of this article, and instead referred to Smith’s letter. An associate pastor at the church told CP that CCCM feels that the letter “said almost everything that needs to be said.”

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My Thoughts: Such a sad situation here. Like Chuck Jr. said, it’s such a bad representation of Christianity when families feud in public. Let’s all pray for a fast resolution to this conflict and hope that the family can work out their personal differences.


Is it ISIS or ISIL?

As Christians, we always have our eyes on the Middle East, primarily Israel. And the new Islamic State that is taking shape in Iraq and Syria is something the whole world is watching. But what exactly is this group called? For those of you who are confused about what the difference between ISIS and ISIL is, here are some helpful links that will help clear things up.

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My Review on the New Left Behind Movie


I was truly blessed tonight and got to see a pre-screening of the new Left Behind movie starring Nicolas Cage. The film is set for an October 3, 2014 release.

I won’t get into any heavy spoilers, but I’m sure you could already figure out the main presence of the movie. The rapture happens and the entire world is thrown into chaos.

Overall, I loved the film. The scene when the rapture first occurs is very eerie. No spoilers, but if you want a preview you can read Matthew 24:36-44.

The parts in the film that made the most impact for me personally were the scenes that featured those left behind who knew exactly what was going on. Perhaps someone had shared with them or they heard it in church as a child or adult and choose to say no to Christ. Or maybe they were in a backsliden state. Everyone of them in the film, once the fully grasped what was going on, just broke down in tears knowing that they had opportunity after opportunity to come to know Christ and they refused.

It caused me to examine my life. I asked myself if I am right on with God? Where is my walk today and where was I three years ago when I rededicated my life to Jesus? I asked myself why I didn’t feel the same passion and fire about my Christian walk as I did back then? That desire to grow in your walk should only continue to grow and we need to be careful not to fall into a state of complacency. That’s when a persons falls in danger of backsliding.

If you are a fan of the Left Behind book series, don’t expect to see an adaptation of the first book in the series. The movie focuses on the rapture and only the rapture. That being said, I think they did a pretty good job and I recommend everyone go see this film. Unlike Noah, which was a horrible movie, this film will make make an impact.

I pray that this film is going to be used as a great evangelical tool and every believer will take a nonbeliever friend to the movies and watch this film. It’s going to have the nation buzzing and opening their Bibles for perhaps the first time seeking more answers and searching for God.