The Most Revolting Election Ever?

hillary trump_4.jpgThis time four years ago, I was very active on this blog advocating for Mitt Romney to be elected President. I was getting thousands of views a day to this small blog that I really do not publicize at all, and I was very engaged throughout the election process. However, this election is different for a variety of reasons.

On one hand you have Hillary Clinton. She is the epitome true slimy politician. If this were any other year, she would not have made it past the primary with all the baggage she brings to the table. Bernie Sanders gave her a real run for her money, and he is a professed socialist.

Benghazi, the 30,000 deleted E-mails, and the several WikiLeaks info dumps that have shown that the corruption of Hillary and the DNC runs very deep. A short article highlighting 16 of Hillary’s biggest scandals can be found here. If this were any other election, Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance. She would probably only win a handful of states and it would be a slam dunk for the GOP.

That is obviously not the case. It looks to be a slam dunk victory for Hillary, and the only person to blame for that is Donald Trump.

Call me crazy, but I think it is possible that Trump is throwing the Election. Take all the recently leaked audio of Trump’s lewd comments about women out of the picture for a second, and take a look at his campaign from the start.

Trump has attacked veterans struggling with PTSD, Latinos, his GOP rivals, and just about anyone who opposes anything he says.

Could it be that he entered the race realizing he had no shot at the nomination, and then he actually won? Could it be that he really has no real desire for the position and is doing everything in his power to not win? Just asking.

It’s a scary thought that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next commander-in-chief. Obama has arguably been our worst President in the history of our nation, but I am almost positive things will not improve under either of these two jokers.


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