Giveaway: Chuck Smith C-2000 Series mp3 Set


For the first of hopefully many giveaways on this site, we have pastor Chuck Smith’s C-2000 through the Bible mp3 set. It used to be known as the 5000 series when it was on cassette tapes. The set includes pastor Chuck’s teachings from Genesis through Revelation at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. The recordings took place from 1979-1986, but are still relevant for today and you would think they were recorded within the past year. If you read my blog post about the passing of pastor Chuck, you know how he had a huge impact on my personal life. The first time I heard pastor Chuck was through the C-2000 series.

To win, all you have to do is comment and tell me why you want it. I’ll keep the giveaway open for at least a week. If there isn’t at least five responses at that time, then the contest will stay open until there are at least five responses. But I’m hoping a lot more than just five people respond in that first week. Only those living in the United States are eligible. International contests will be coming soon.


Giveaways Coming Soon!!!!

Traffic to the blog has been up lately so I’m going to start having some contests that will include giveaways. These will include mp3 studies, books, study Bibles, shirts, and other items. I should have the first item up for grabs posted by the tomorrow night.