Christina Grimmie, Former ‘The Voice’ and ‘In Christ Alone’ Singer, Shot Dead after Concert



Christian and pop musician Christina Grimmie, a former competitor on “The Voice,” was shot after a man approached her with two guns as she signed autographs after an Orlando, Fla., concert Friday night, police said. The 22-year-old singer died early Saturday morning. The suspect fatally shot himself as well, after Grimmie’s brother tackled him, according to authorities.

The singer had performed at The Plaza Live theater Friday night, along with the band Before You Exit, when the shooting broke out. She was rushed to a hospital in critical condition and died a few hours later, reports CNN.

A page has been set up to assist her family in their time of need. Thus far over $102,569 has been raised by 4,143 people.


The Latest From Baltimore


Baltimore (CNN)Latest developments:

• “It’s clear that what we have to do is change the culture within the Baltimore Police Department,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said Tuesday. The process has been underway for more than two years, but there is more to do, he said.

• Monday night’s riots in Baltimore were a rough time, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, but the response Tuesday shows that residents want to reclaim, repair and heal the city.

• Wednesday’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox will be closed to the public, the Orioles announced. A source within Major League Baseball told CNN the league is not aware of any prior closed-door games in major league history.

Full story can be found here at the CNN website.

Voter Guide: California Midterm, Gubernatorial Election 2014 (Updated)

I feel that the country as a whole has become very apathetic to all thing involving politics. I know that I have. Despite what the Obama Administration says, the real unemployment rate is still over 12%, Covered California (Obamacare) is not working, and the approval ratings for Obama and Congress are at shocking low numbers. Both parties are so worried about furthering their agenda that they have disenfranchised the entire country. The only way we can change that is to stay informed, get involved, and continue to vote for righteousness each and every election.

Here’s how I’m voting and why I’m voting that way.

All information about the props come from

Governor (No Vote)

I can no longer just vote for the lesser of two evils. That is how this country got into the mess it’s in in the first place. On one hand we have Jerry Brown, a life-long liberal who, although he has been far more moderate than he was in during his first run as governor from 1975-1983, supports abortion, supports gay marriage, and is a strong supporter of the common core education standards that are destroying America’s K-12 education system. On the other hand we have Neel Kashkari, a liberal who calls himself a Republican, who supports abortion, supported the bank bailout, opposed Prop. 8, and he voted for Obama. I cannot in good conscience vote for either candidate.

Prop 1 & 2 (NO)

Prop 45 (No)


Prop 46 (No)


Prop 47 (No)


Prop 48 (Yes)


Fox News: City of Houston Demands Pastors Turn over Sermons

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The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

Religious persecution isn’t just coming to the United States, it’s already here.

Here’s an Article from the Los Angeles Times Outlining the Calvary Chapel Lawsuit



A daughter and the widow of Chuck Smith — the founder of the worldwide Calvary Chapel movement — have sued his former church, alleging a conspiracy to commandeer Smith’s ministry and deny him emergency medical attention on his deathbed.

Smith died last year at 86, after a battle with lung cancer. His church started in 1965 as a tiny ministry that appealed to a counter-culture crowd, but quickly blossomed into an enormous brand with more than 1,000 chapels across the nation.

The lawsuit alleges that the church board and Smith’s son-in-law hastened the pastor’s death, took control of the Costa Mesa-based ministry and cheated Smith’s wife and family out of money they were owed.

Read the full story here.

My Thoughts: Very sad situation going on at CCCM. We need to wait, pray and let the facts come out before coming to any judgement either way. I hope that the Brodersen family is on the level and nothing shady actually happened. But who knows? We just need to pray, let the facts come out, and leave it in God’s hands.

Christian Post: Chuck Smith Jr Not Supporting Sister’s Lawsuit Against Calvary Chapel Involving ‘Papa Chuck’


Credit: The Christian Post
Chuck Smith, Jr., has responded in strong opposition to a lawsuit shortly after it was filed by his sister and apparently supported by his brother on Friday, that alleges elder abuse against the late Pastor Chuck Smith and wrongful takeover of his property by the church board at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, and includes current pastor Brian Brodersen.

“For the record, I want it to be known that I do not support the lawsuit my sister Janette and brother Jeff have filed against Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa,” Smith wrote in a letter that was distributed at the church on Sunday.

“In my opinion it is groundless, deplorable, dishonoring to our father (and to his work, not to mention the people to whom he dedicated his life). It is another sad stain on the representation of Christianity. The only motivation I can see for the suit is malice and greed. Any pretense to honor my father’s name or provide adequate care and support for my mother is nonsense.”

Neither CCCM nor Brodersen have made an official statement about the lawsuit and CCCM declined to comment to The Christian Post at press time of this article, and instead referred to Smith’s letter. An associate pastor at the church told CP that CCCM feels that the letter “said almost everything that needs to be said.”

Read the full story here.

My Thoughts: Such a sad situation here. Like Chuck Jr. said, it’s such a bad representation of Christianity when families feud in public. Let’s all pray for a fast resolution to this conflict and hope that the family can work out their personal differences.

Is it ISIS or ISIL?

As Christians, we always have our eyes on the Middle East, primarily Israel. And the new Islamic State that is taking shape in Iraq and Syria is something the whole world is watching. But what exactly is this group called? For those of you who are confused about what the difference between ISIS and ISIL is, here are some helpful links that will help clear things up.

KWGN: What’s the Difference Between ISIL and ISIS

The Guardian: The Islamic State: is it Isis, Isil – or possibly Daesh?

Mediaite: Chuck Todd Knows Why Obama Prefers ‘ISIL’ to ‘ISIS’

Scientist Sues Calif University for Firing Him After His Dinosaur Discovery Supported Creationism

Story and photo from The Christian Post

A scientist has filed a lawsuit against the California State University, Northridge saying he was terminated from his job due to his religious views after he discovered soft tissue on a triceratops fossil which supported his creationist view.

Mark Armitage, a former scientist at CSUN in Los Angeles, was terminated after he discovered supposedly the largest triceratops horn ever unearthed at the Hell Creek Formation excavation site in Montana, according to attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute, who’s filed the lawsuit.

“Since some creationists, like [Armitage], believe that the triceratops bones are only 4,000 years old at most, [Armitage’s] work vindicated his view that these dinosaurs roamed the planet relatively recently,” states the complaint filed against the CSUN board of trustees in Los Angeles Superior Court, according to CBS News.

The scientist’s findings, which indicate that dinosaurs roamed the earth only thousands of years in the past rather than going extinct 60 million years ago, were published in July 2013 in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Full story here.