My Love For Podcasts


During long drives or when I’m just relaxing at home, I love listening to podcasts. In contrast to a lot of talk radio, which tries to reach a broad audience, most podcasts try to only reach a niche market. Most are centered around one topic or so and each episode expands on that topic.

I subscribe to many podcasts from the world on sports, news, politics, and Christianity. Below is a list of the Christian podcasts that I listen to. Most of these shows can be heard on the radio as well, but through podcasts can be listened to at your pleasure.

A Daily Walk

The Alternative

Somebody Loves You

A New Beginning


Let my People Think

Grace to You


Logos 6 Bible Software


I was introduced to Logos Bible Software at the Veritas Semenary Conference in 2014. It was a great investment and has transformed the way I did my Bible study.

Here are some videos talking about a few of the features in Logos 6